Mangsan 망산

397 meters


Part of the 12 Peak Challenge

On the southern end of Geoje lies Mangsan, known for its spectacular sunsets and ocean view! The shortest trailhead to start from is in Hongpo, which is just 1km from the rocky peak!

On an especially clear day you can even see the island of Tsushima, Japan from here!

Of course you can return the way you came, but why not continue hiking and emerge at Myeongsa Beach. If the weather is warm enough, reward yourself with a nice swim!

Alternate Routes

Starting at the trailhead  near Myeongsa Beach, follow the trail which takes you 1.9 km to the peak.

Near the fork in the road in Nambu-myeon, there is a  trailhead  which starts a longer and more strenuous 3.7 km hike. !

Alex Barnett Vlog

Alex Barnett is a friend of mine and another avid hiker. You can check out his video series on some of these mountains as well.