Sujeongbong - Gujora Point Circuit 수정봉

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variable distance

There is a lovely circuit of trails at the point near Gujora Beach. I recommend starting at the trailhead beginning at the bamboo forest.

There are many interconnecting trails in this area so you can do lots of exploring and choose your own route. Each trail is marked in English and Korean so you won’t get lost.


Some highlights of this hike are Gujora Fortress and the Army Post Experience. There was also a large wooden platform area near the top, but I neglected to take any pics at the time because this is when my hiking sidekick and I noticed a few ticks on our clothing.

There were many deer in the area, no doubt this contributed to the ticks, so be sure to wear long pants and check your body carefully during and after your hike. We visited in late November, so they aren’t just a warm weather issue.