Siraesan 시래산

264.9 meters

1.3 km

I set out on a drizzly Saturday morning to hike Siraeasan on the western edge of Geoje (near the bridge to Tongyeong). Although the views of the bridges to Tongyeong were obstructed by fog on my first hike, the trail had a nice dreamy feel to it in the mist. A few days later, I headed back with a coworker in tow, to see the view first hand and get a couple of updated pics of the view for this blog post.

The trailhead starts in the neighborhood with all of the" “fairy-tale” style houses that I’ve always noticed when crossing the bridge back to Geoje. The road does continue all the way to Unseongsa (temple), which is the halfway point to the peak, but the road is very steep and I didn’t want to make my old car work that hard so I chose to park and walk.

Once you reach the temple area follow the stairs on the right and you will see the sign marking the trail opposite the temple. it’s ony .52 kilometers to the peak!

Go right up those stairs.

Go right up those stairs.

Unseongsa Temple

Unseongsa Temple

Almost immediately on the trail you will arrive at a wooden platform with your first views of the Tongyeong bridges. From here, you are almost centered between the new and old bridges.


It’s a bit of a steep climb to the top, but there are lots of wooden stairs along the way and you won’t have far to go!


Before long you’ll reach a sign post near the top. To the left is technically the peak of the mountain, but there is no view here nor summit stone. To the right is the good stuff…beautiful views and a wooden gazebo (and old gym area along the way).


Enjoy the great views!