Seonjasan 선자산

507 meters


Part of the 12 Peak Challenge

I have to say, I don’t remember a lot about Seonjasan. I’ve only hiked this mountain once, and it was as part of the G.R.T. so I used the Gyeryongsan trailhead for this hike.

The most memorable thing about this mountain was how quiet it was. I only saw one other person on this trail, which is rare for a Saturday hiking in Geoje. So if you are looking to get away from the hiking crowds with some time alone in the woods, this trail is for you!

There are a few different routes for this mountain, but it makes a great extension of a Gyeryongsan hike. I plan to re-hike this mountain in the future and will be sure to post back with updated information.

Sidenote: The G.R.T

The Geoje Ridgeline Trail is a 30km hike that takes you over many peaks as you work your way from Geoje City, in the middle of the island, all the way to Nambumyeon in the south.

Alternate Routes

Taking 3.1km, follow the trailhead from behind Geoje Art Land.

For a more direct route of 1.8km, follow the trailhead that is shortly before the reservoir on the way to Dongbu-myeong. *I hope to update using this route soon!

Alex Barnett Vlog

Alex Barnett is a friend of mine and another avid hiker. You can check out his video series on some of these mountains as well.