Poroksan 포록산

274 meters


Poroksan is a relatively small mountain and short hike, and although there are many nice hikes in Geoje to choose from, this made a good morning hike on a work day. The trailhead starts in Dongbu-myeon. There is a small spot for parking as soon as you cross the bridge. On the day I hiked Poroksan, it seemed every senior in the neighborhood was headed that way to do some mountain upkeep.


As you will see from the map at the start of the trail, the mountain continues all the way to Dongmangsan, but due to it being a work day, I had to save that stretch for another day.

The trail starts with a 10~15 minute climb up some stairs. Once you reach the top the trail turns left. After about another 5 minutes you will come to a junction, continue on straight.


From here, the trail will get a bit wider (wide enough for a vehicle). Almost immediately there will be a little path on the left hand side leading to some burial mounds with a great view looking towards Seonjasan and Nojasan. Also, keep your eye out on the left hand side of this road for the remains of an old rock wall.


Soon enough you will come to a larger clearing and junction. From here, go straight, it’s only 0.62km to the peak! You will come to a steep set of stairs for a while, get a little break where they level out somewhat, and then reach some steeper stairs again. Don’t worry, you’ll be at the top in no time!


Finally at the top of the mountain, there is a small summit plaque-style stone and two great views. Looking to the left is a view towards Sandaldo, and straight on to Geoje-myeon with a view of the “giant glass egg” at the Agricultural Technology Center.