Oknyeobong Beacon Fire Station 옥녀봉 봉수대

? meters


When driving along the highway after passing Aju-dong, you may have noticed a fire beacon high on the hills above the tunnels. This is the Oknyeobong Beacon Fire Station.


Start at the trailhead in the parking lot across the street from DSME East Gate. In the upper dirt parking lot, there is a trail starting on the right hand side. Follow this for 0.4km before making a right for another 0.6km. From here you can make walk up the hill on your left to a gazebo and enjoy the view, or turn right to check out the view from the fire beacon.


There is a great view of DSME shipyards from here. You can continue hiking towards Oknyeobong from here or choose a different route out, as there are several connecting trails.