Nojasan 노자산

565 meters


Part of the 12 Peak Challenge

I’ve hiked this mountain two times at this point and both times it seemed completely different. So much so, that on my second visit I was convinced that I hadn’t hiked it until I saw photos of myself at the summit stone.

I’ve followed two different routes and the one that I found more enjoyable was using trailhead at the Geoje Natural Recreation Forest. It’s possible to do a nice hiking loop from here so you can change up the scenery on your return.

Nojasan was especially beautiful in the fall and you can easily continue hiking the ridgeline onto Garasan if you have the time and inclination.  

Alternate Routes

In Dongbu-myeon, follow this trailhead along a utility road before turning left into the woods. The entry point was after a sharp turn in the utility road. This will take you 2.1km to the peak.

Nojasan is also accessible by a trailhead across from Hakdong Gogae Pass, taking you 2.4km to the peak.

Alex Barnett Vlog

Alex Barnett is a friend of mine and another avid hiker. You can check out his video series on some of these mountains as well.