neungpo fire beacon 능포 봉수대

178.3 meters

2.1 km

I set off for Neungpo Fire Beacon on a weekday morning, as usual. I was expecting a quick and easy hike, and that’s exactly what I got. The trailhead starts here. Go past the large park on the waterfront and follow the road past the barricade. After walking up a short and steep hill on the roadway, you’ll see the trail starting on your left hand side around the turn.

After a very short climb, there’s a bench on the right. Keep going and you’ll walk through a slightly open area before heading up some wooden stairs marked with another bench at the top, and then back down again. It won’t be long until you come to a gym area with a few wooden platforms.


From the gym, you’ll have more wooden stairs to climb before reaching the top. The Fire Beacon area is a bit overgrown, but still quite obvious. There is also a pagoda up here with some great views looking towards the Yangjiam Sculpture Park and the peninsula leading to the Yangjiam Lighthouse.

The remnants of the fire beacon at the top.

The remnants of the fire beacon at the top.


After you get your fill of the views, the path heading back down the other side of the mountain is very similar to the one you took up. You will reach another gym as you keep going down and pass some burial mounds before emerging at the other trailhead.


This is a great hike if you just want to take it easy or don’t have a lot of time.