Mundong Waterfalls 문동 폭포

? meters


I should start by saying that this is more of a walk than a hike, as much of it is roadway. That being said, if you are looking for a kid-friendly outing or just don’t want to over exert yourself, this could be for you.

Usually Mundong Waterfalls is more of a trickle than a “fall”, but if you visit after a heavy rain it can be quite pretty. Today’s visit was after a light rain shower in the morning, so it was slightly better than usual, but not at its prime.

The trailhead starts very close to Mundong Waterfall. Simply follow the stone-pavers up the hill. You will pass camping platforms on either side before emerging at Mundong Waterfalls.


Continue walking up the hill to the left, past the falls and you will arrive at an area with a little bridge and a few benches above the waterfalls.


From here continue walking, first on a stone walking path, then changing to some wooden stairs that are built into the hillside.


Before you know it, you will arrive at a small clearing with some workout equipment and a 4 way intersection. From here, you can go right to the peak of Oknyeobong taking you 3.4km, left to Guksabong’s peak taking 3.1km, or continue on to Aju-dong, arriving at E-Pyeon Apartments after just 1.4km.


The trail to Aju-dong is actually just a roughly paved utility road. It’s all downhill from here, so very easy. That being said, there are some unmarked side trails that you can see along the way if you want to extend your trail time. These run next to the road, the first one starts just on the left after the clearing and some burial stones.