Mangwolsan 망월산

226.3 meters


I “discovered” this hike last year and it has easily turned into one of my favorites. I was quite surprised that this is a lesser known trail but one that I highly recommend. It’s a great hike if you’re short on time due to its distance and elevation.

The trailhead starts in Oepo, close to Daeheung Temple (대흥사). The hike is a short one and relatively easy with lots of wooden stairs to carry you up.

As you are reaching the top, there are two main lookout areas. The peak of this mountain is off to the left and you can take in the views all around on a large wooden platform. Unfortunately, it’s a small mountain and there is no summit stone.

If you also go to the right (and you should), you will travel down some stairs before arriving at some rocky outcrops with great views looking towards the sea. Don’t miss either of these viewing areas because they are both beautiful.


From this area towards the sea, you can technically continue hiking a loop and end up back where you started. I personally prefer to go back the way I came for this hike because the loop trail isn’t very scenic and it has been littered with trash along the way.