Hakdong Gogae Pass 학동고개

? meters


Directly across the street from the starting point for Bukbyeongsan is the trailhead for Hakdong Gogae Pass. This is technically part of Bukbyeong Mountain as well, but the summit stone lies on the other half of the mountain. This hike is still worthwhile with a pretty amazing view along the way.

The first half will have you climbing for a while before descending into a valley. From here you’ll have to climb back up again, but the 360° view from the rocky outcrop are definitely worth the effort!

There is also a peak marker in the trees for 희망봉 (The Cape of Good Hope) along the way.


From here, the trail gets much easier and you’ll be cruising along through the forest at a relatively quick pace with a fairly flat descent. Finally, you'll walk through a small area where there is some clear cutting, but some Buddhist relics remain in place near the trees.

Finish your hike here or cross the street to begin a 4.9km hike to Garasan.