Garasan 가라산

585 meters


Part of the 12 Peak Challenge

Garasan is the tallest mountain on Geoje Island and is not to be missed! There are several trails to the peak with options for turning it into a longer hike towards Nojasan. The trailhead mentioned here will take you just 2.4km to the peak.

A short drive past Hakdong Pebble Beach is a small parking area on the side of the road where vegetables are usually sold. Park here and start your hike.

Climb the 1.5km to the ridgeline before turning left towards Garasan (turning right will lead you to Nojasan). Once you turn left follow the trail for another 0.8km turning right through a grassy field (where “dinosaurs” have been known to roam at times). From here it’s just a few more minutes to the summit marker next to an old helicopter landing area and some views of each side of the island.

Alternate Routes

There are a number of different routes to choose from to reach Garasan.

  • The shortest route appears to be from this trailhead.

  • If you want to hike a loop, you can always start in Dadaeri at this trailhead.

Alex Barnett Vlog

Alex Barnett is a friend of mine and another avid hiker. You can check out his video series on some of these mountains as well.